Harrisburg Game Day 1 Recap
June 18, 2005
11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Held at the Wyndham Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The Thanks

Thanks to everyone who attended Harrisburg Game Day 1! Beth and I hope you had a great time, and we look forward to playing more games with all of you in the future.

A total of 21 people played games during the day. Ted Cheatham, Charlie Davis and James Lilly win the prize (honor and glory only, no cash) for coming the farthest -- they flew in from West Virginia and managed to avoid all restricted airspace while doing so!

Thanks also to Game Surplus for providing two $20 gift certificates used as door prizes! Geoff Speare won the random drawing, and Josh Wilson won the lowest number contest (with a "1," of all numbers).

The Future

We may very well plan another Harrisburg Game Day in the future. If you did not attend HGD1 and you'd like to be notified by email if we plan more, please send your email address to gameday@floatstone.com. For more about board games and card games, including news about various upcoming game gatherings, visit About.com Board/Card Games.

The Games

Lots of games got played at HGD1!

The lineup included at least 30 games: 6 Nimmt, Bohnanza, Carcassonne, Cluzzle, Diamant, Eye to Eye, Fairy Tale, Geschenkt, Goa, Hide and Seek Safari, King Me, Kung Fu Fighting, Le Passe Trappe, Liar's Dice, Louis XIV, Mystery of the Abbey, Networking (a Ted Cheatham prototype), Niagara, Plunder, Polarity, Q-Jet 21xx, Rat-a-Tat Cat, Rumis, Shadows Over Camelot, Snorta, Tahuantinsuyu, Ticket to Ride (it might have been TtR: Europe, or maybe both), Tikal, Union Pacific and Wings of War.

Rodney Somerstein and Thor Samuelson enjoy a game of Carcassonne. Photo by Emma Samuelson!

Thor Samuelson, Banner Samuelson, Beth Arneson and Rodney Somerstein playing Carcassonne.

The Carcassonne players built quite a city.

Jim Carvin and Rod Spade clash violently in Kung Fu Fighting.

Emma Samuelson and Beth Arneson compete in Le Passe Trappe as Dillon Samuelson looks on.

Tessa Samuelson and Dillon Samuelson let the wood disks fly.

Chris Gnech, Emma Samuelson, Jim Carvin and Tessa Samuelson tried to grab gems from the edge of a waterfall in Niagara.

James Lilly, Rod Spade, Geoff Speare and Ted Cheatham play the pirate game Plunder.

Ted Cheatham ponders his next construction choice in a game of Rumis.

Erik Arneson evaluates his own chances of winning Rumis while Rod Spade thinks about his next move.

The Rumis tower is taking shape.

Chris Gnech, Mario Lanza and Geoff Speare play Tikal, along with a member of the Witness Protection Program.

Jim Carvin considers his options during a game of Union Pacific.

Rodney Somerstein, Dillon Samuelson, Mario Lanza, Thor Samuelson and Charlie Davis fight in the skies during a game of Wings of War.

Rodney Somerstein playing Wings of War.

The Wings of War players, including the member of the Witness Protection Program.

Apologies to those who don't appear in any photos here. You left before my camera charged up!